Hyderabad Stands As The Most Dynamic City Of The World In JLL-CMI 2019 Research

City of Nizams, City with historical places and monuments like Charminar and Golconda, place for world’s tastiest biryani, hub for IT sector and companies and ippudu ippudu update avtunna Metro corridors tho development and urbanization vishayam lo other city global cities tho poti paduthu tananu tanu update chesukuntundi ee mahanagaram.

Recent ga world fastest growing cities lo top 10 lo unna Hyderabad ki ippudu inko feather add aindi. Adi enti ante JLL ane real estate, agility talent and technology vishyala mida research chese world’s most pioneer research organisation and office world lo unna different cities mida oka survey chesindi.

1 - hyderabad

JLL- City Momentum Index 2019 research lo bhaaganga ee company varu chesina research lo Hyderabad ki second place lo nilchindi. Whereas real estate market plays an important role in this rankings and also considered parameters like innovation capability, start-ups, patent applications, public infrastructure and quality of environment were also considered.

Ikkada interesting thing enti ante Top 20 cities lo Hyderabad tho patu India nundi other 6 cities ki Bengaluru (2), Pune (4), Kolkata (5) Delhi (8) Chennai (14), and Mumbai (20) cities ki kuda ki ee list lo place dakkindi.

2 - hyderabad

Here take a look at complete research and research reports in below link                                                                 JLL City Momentum Index 2018

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