Hyderabad’s Engineering Boy Is First Asian To Invent A Device Which Makes Water From Air


The abundance of talent that comes to light day by day in the Hyderabad only makes us feel more proud each time. This time a Hyderabad engineering student, Jawwad Patel, from Lord’s Institute of Engineering and Technology has come up with a unique device that makes water from the air.

It converts the moisture present in the atmosphere into pure drinking water and it doesn’t not contain any sorts of chemicals. It can produce 1.8 liters of water in one hour with the help of computerized sensor interface with UV filter. The device is names ‘Dewdrop’. This is not the first time Jawwad is showing us his skills in water sector. Earlier he was the one who came up with the innovative Smart helmet, which has some really interesting features like it will not allow you to drive when drunk, it will not allow you to start the bike without putting on the helmet, etc. He also came up with a vehicle that will run on Solar energy.29DSC_7334

Jawwad has been nominated for theNational Youth Award 2015-16 and Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award 2016. Kudos Jawwad, you make us proud!!