Iconic Monuments From All Over India Lit Up In Tricolor Amid 75th Independence Day, Check Out

As Part of 75th Independence Celebrations In India, nationwide ga anni states lo huge celebrations jarigayi. Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav ane name tho Central Govt celebrations ki call isthe idi state governments oka step tho inka grandeur way lo celebrate chesayi. Celebrations lo part ga almost India lo unna anni historical monuments, forts, places, government buildings were lit up and illuminated in the Indian tricolor flag.

Here are some noted monuments from Qutub Minar to Charminar, that were all lit up and illuminated in Tricolor marking the India’s 75th Independence Celebrations

1. Durgam Cheruvu Cable Bridge

2. Golkonda Fort

3. Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad

4. Delhi Gate

5. Supreme Court Of India, Delhi

6. Chatrapati Shivaji Terminal, Mumbai

7. Gateway Of India, Mumbai

8. Humayun Tomb In Delhi

9. Mumbai Airport Lit Up In Tricolors

10. Aga Khan Fort, Pune

11. Ramappa Temple,Warangal

12. Gandikota Fort, Andhra Pradesh

13. Hampi Temple

14. Sun Temple, Konark

15. Chandragiri Fort, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh

16. Veerabhadra Swamy Temple In Lepakshi

17. Qutub Minar, Delhi

18. Mubarak Mandi Palace, Jammu Kashmir

19. Charminar, Hyderabad

20. Charminar, Hyderabad

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