If not an actor, our stars would’ve been what?


1. Ram Charan Tej

ram-charan-tejIf not for an actor, he would’ve been an automobile engineer. He said,” I was keen on pursuing a degree in automobile engineering from Germany and my father never objected. Then, a lot of filmmakers kept asking me when I was going to make my debut in films to continue my father’s legacy.

Initially, it took me a long time to pay heed to what they were saying and to change my mind, but it had to happen I guess.”
I guess we would’ve missed Ram Charan Tej and his wonderful films otherwise.

2. Naga Chaitanya

naga-chaitanyaHis dream was always to become a DJ. He even did a course in keyboard in Trinity College of Music, London, long before life drew him to the arc lights. We now want to watch you play for any of your movies.

3. Allu Arjun

allu-arjun“After completing class 12, I started dabbling in computer graphics.”, says our stylish star Allu Arjun. He always wanted to take up multimedia as a career. We would’ve missed a lot of stunning stylish grooves if you had not come to films.

4. Kajal Aggarwal

kajalThis successful actor dreamt of becoming a hair stylist. Interestingly, she used to try out everything on her sister, Nisha, and cousins.

5. Regina Cassandra

regina-cassandraThis cute actor always wanted to pursue her career in ‘Criminal Psychology’. She already had graduated in psychology and is looking forward to take it to post graduation too. Good luck, Regina. This is why you are good at taking down many hearts. 😛