If Only Our Telugu Celebrities Were On Tinder, Here Is How They Would Feature


We have an app for everything now days in this smart world. And when it comes to dating online, the first app that strikes unanimously to everyone’s mind is Tinder. We are now open to dating in the laziest manner possible. No regrets! ‘I am on tinder and she is on tinder, we just want to meet and see how it will work out for both of us’ – that’s the common defence we have at our disposal. We can go on and on debating on this, but that not our agenda at the moment.

Here we tried to figure out how our Telugu celebrities would feature on tinder and they just turned out to be amazing as ever. Go ahead and check them out and let us know if you would swipe right of left. 😉

Dasari Narayan Rao

dasari narayana rao

Dr. Rajashekar


Meher Ramesh

Meher Ramesh

K Raghavendra Rao BA


Ram Gopal Varma


Bandla Ganesh

bandla ganesh

Bala Krishna Nandamuri


Allu Arvind

all arvind



Mohan Babu

Mohan babu


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