If You Say ‘Prabhas Is My Favourite Star’, Then You Must Take This Quiz


Irrespective of borders and gender, Prabhas is one star from Telugu whom the whole country wants to hug atleast once. Ika mana Telugu rastralaki vasthe, Prabhas fans are the most energetic ones. Need not to mention the following he has among girls. Now, if you think you are one among those and reading this little intro before attempting the quiz, you are not only patient but even a Prabhas fan.

Go ahead and take this QuizOnWirally and lets us know your results!


Prabhas ki Darling ante nuvve!!

Arrreeeyyy!! Miss ayindhe.. answers thelusu kada, malla try chesi ‘darling’ ayipo 😉

#1 Who is Prabhas’s favourite actress?

#2 In how many movies of Prabhas did Mumaith Khan feature with an item number?

#3 Which movie of Prabhas has a song dedicated to Michael Jackson?

#4 What was Prabhas’s age when he debuted?

#5 In how many movies has Prabhas appeared so far?

#6 For which of the below movies did Prabhas give voice over?

#7 What does Prabhas enjoy to eat the most?

#8 Where was Prabhas born?

#9 What is Prabhas’s birth order in his family?