Importance of donating after our darshan


No matter what time of the day, if we want to go to a temple, we make sure we go there and take blessings for the lord. It is a premises that gives us peace and revivals us for our daily living. By following the guidelines given to us in our shastras, we can derive maximum Chaitanya (Divine consciousness) from the darshan. After having darshan we should offer donation to the Temple. Here is why is it important.

1. Offering donations in a temple means detaching us from material world and pushing ourselves to attain divinity at the vyasti sadhana level.03Importance of donating
2. Pradakshina (Circumambulation) and darshan of the Deity creating Chaitanya in the individual and taking it to a state of completeness in the peace of mind; whereas, donating money being associated with the peace of the Subconscious mind, the individual being taken to the next level.02Importance of donating
3. While offering any kind of donation, we should not throw it. We should be offering it with utter respect.01Importance of donating
4. Giving donations at the temple will only help get the premises of the lord better and since we would all love God to reside in a peaceful comfortable place and be a premises where anyone and everyone can come and take blessings, we donate.
5. By donating, we attain peace in our emotions and our minds so effortlessly that it becomes easy to give up material lust.
6. Some people pray to donate money if their wish becomes true. It only means that they would release themselves from the struggling bond with material sources and slowly realize the actual divine bond with spirituality.