Important life lessons we can learn from Animals


Prapancham lo annitikante most evolved and intelligent species ga manam human beings ne consider cheskuntam. Kaani okka mata kuda matladani animals manaki chala ne nrepisthuntay. Just manam chusi nerchukovali anthe. There’s a lot humans can learn from animals.

1.Dogs:AnimalsProbably manam penchukune vatilo ive cutest creatures. Dogs always teach us to be loyal to the one you love.
2.Elephants:AnimalsIvi most under rated creatures kada. They look royal and beautiful at a time. They teach us that you can be strong and yet be graceful.
3.Monkey:AnimalsMonkey’s nundi em nerchukuntam ani under estimate cheyakandi. Neat ga observe chesthe we can learn a lot from them. One best thing they teach us is to live in the moment and make most of it.
4.Camel:AnimalsCamels ni manam ekkuvaga ekkada chustham, desert lo ne kada. From those we can learn that one should know how to survive in the toughest of conditions.
5.Tigers:AnimalsTigers attack chesetappudu pedda ga announce cheyyav, silent ga attack chesesthay. Anduke you should never announce your moves before you make them, just like tigers.

6.Spiders:AnimalsSpider web kanipinchagane evaraina em chestham, without any late ventane clean chesetham. Ala ani spider urike untunda, undadu, next time malli chusesariki akkada web untundi. Danitho ippudu manakenti anukuntunnara, undi undi, pedda link ee undi. Spiders laga you should not give up even if people try to bring you down.
7.Horse:AnimalsHorses entha beautiful ga untay kada, asalu chudagane mesmerize aypotharu evaraina. Like horses, you should also stand tall and proud.
8.Panda:AnimalsIdi mana andariki recent favorite. Day motham chetlu ekki aakulu thinadam, nidrapovadam, aadukovadam thappa inkem cheyyav. Anduke we should never forget to have fun!!!!
9.Ants:AnimalsCheemalu eppudaina em chesthay, vaatiki dorikna dantlo thinnantha thinesi, migilindi save cheskuntu untay. That’s why we should always save up for an rainy day
P.S ivi animals kaadu, but they teach us a great thing kada.
10.Pigs:AnimalsPuttinappudu entha cute ga untayo, perigaka antha disgusting ga thayaru avthay. Ayna kuda you can always see them happy and chilling some where. Be proud of what you are!!!