10 Incidents That Happened During Lockdown Which Have Restored Our Faith In Humanity

Doctors, Nurses, Police Officers, Sanitation Workers mana andari kosam ee time lo fight chestunnaru. Manam emo intlo unte vaalu byta tirugutu duties ni honest ga chestunnaru. Ee corona crisis lo konni inspiring incidents jarigeyi avi ento chuddam padandi.

1) After his hospital duty, this doctor is living inside his car to protect his from the disease.

1 Living In Car2) Sanitation worker from our very own Telangana donated two months salary i.e; Rs.17,000 to CM relief fund.

2 Police3) IAS officer refused her 6-month maternity leave and resumed her duties just 22 days after giving birth.

3 Ias4) This medical sergeant rode over 150 km to deliver emergency medicines to a 4-year-old cancer patient in Kerala.

4 Pic5) Constable from Chattisgarh donated blood to a pregnant woman as the family was unable to find the rare blood group amid lockdown

5 Constable6) A nurse who is already a 8 months pregnant travelled 250 km amid lockdown to join emergency

6 Pic7)Bengaluru cop rode 420 km to deliver medicines to a cancer patient in Dharwad.

7 Pic8) Doctor feeding one of the patient amid this crisis.

8 Doctor9) Constable from UP distributes food packets twice a day in slums.

9 Sluma10) This Odisha police officer arranged camel milk for a 3.5 year old autistic kid in Mumbai through his tweets.

10 PicStay Home. Stay Safe.

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