This Is How Twitter Is Going GaGa Over India’s Clash With Australia Today..!!

We love twitter for that right. Right ahead of today iconic match, the twiterratis have given their take ( verdict if you may ) in which team will go ahead into the semi-finals. Apart from the mauka mauka advertisement, these twitter posts have all the win logisitics going for it and will leave you cheering for Team India like never before..

Well Logic And Technicality Can Make It Go For You :

The Artistic Implications Of It, Yo..!

When Sir Jadeja Asks You To Check Out Kohli :

Ab Tak Aapne Dekha….!!

True Story Of Every Boyfriend Ever..!

Dhoni Be Like – I’m Chill Bro..!!

We’ve Got So Much Of History Going For Us..!

Virat Ka Gyaan Before It..!

And Because Dhoni Ends In Style…

BLEED BLUE Already..!!



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