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TCS To ICICI: Top 10 Indian Companies With Most No. Of Female Employees As Of 2022


Indian Multinational Companies recruited a large number of female workforce in between 2015 to 2022. There were some dilemmas and concerns in recruiting female employees in MNC’s before but everything has changed now the companies are showing interest in hiring a female workforce.

Big tech giants like HCL, TCS, Infosys encourage female employees to their workforce. Companies like TCS & Infosys are interested in hiring female employees after their effective results in production of work.

Here is a list of top 10 Indian Companies With Most No. Of Female Employees

1. TCS – Female Employees  – 2.10 Lakh

Tata Consultancy Services is top in the country with the most number of female employees. As of now TCS has 2.10 + Lakh female employees in India.

2. Infosys – Female Employees 1.2 Lakh

Infosys, one of the leading tech giants of India, is 2nd in the list with 1.2 Lakh employees in their workforce.

3. Wipro – Female Employees 88K

Wipro, the multi-national company is the top 3rd Indian company to hire 88,000 thousand female employees in their workforce.

4. HCL Technologies Female Employees 62K

HCL, the tech giant is 4th in the list with 60,000+ female employees in their workforce.

5. Reliance Industries Female Employees 60K

Reliance industries is showing big interest in hiring female employees as their work staff.

6. Motherson Sumi Systems Female Employees 52K

Samvardhana Motherson (formerly known as Motherson Sumi Systems Limited) is an Indian manufacturer of wiring harnesses, plastic components and rearview mirrors for passenger cars. With more than 50% of Female Employees they are in 6th place in the list with 50,000+ female employees.

7. Tech Mahindra Female Employees 42K

Another tech company Tech Mahindra is 7th in the list with more Female Employees of more than 40,000+ employees.

8. ICICI Bank Female Employees 32K

ICICI Bank is the first bank in the list who are showing more interest in hiring and encouraging ICICI Bank with 30,000+ Female Employees in their workforce.

9. HDFC Bank Female Employees 22K

After ICICI, HDFC Bank is 9th place in the list with 22,000+ employees in the list.

10. Page Industries Female Employees 22K

Last in the list of top 10, Page Industries the fully integrated manufacturing, marketing, distribution and retail company has 20,000+ female employees.

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