7 Indian Soft Drinks From The Past That Have Disappeared & Nobody Knows Where

India had a long list of soft drinks. Most of the ones on this list faded out for two primary reasons – one, because they couldn’t keep up when Coke and Pepsi entered the Indian market or two, they just launched really bad flavours. Here we present you some past soft drinks that got disappeared…

1. Gold Spot

Gold SpotThe orange flavored Gold Spot was one of the most popular soft drink in the country for a while. However, with the introduction of brands like Coca-Cola in the Indian market, the demand for Gold Spot eventually decreased before it was discontinued in the year 2000.

2. Citra

CitraThe lemon and lime flavoured Citra soda was also owned by the same company as Gold Spot. Citra was sold to the international brand Coca-Cola in 1993. Coca-Cola discontinued the selling of Citra and introduced their own drink called Sprite that had a similar taste.

3. Pepsi Blue

Pepsi BluePepsi Blue was introduced in Indian markets in 2003 during ICC World Cup. The blue colored drink had a berry flavor, due to its fluctuating demand the drink was discontinued within a year of its launch.

4. Vanilla Coke

Vanilla CokeBack in the early 2000s Coke was sold in vanilla flavour. Unfortunately, the drink was soon discontinued

5. Vimto Cola

Vimto ColaVimto Cola was a berry flavored drink with a mixture of raspberry and blackcurrant flavors along with some herbs and spices. It was initially manufactured for medicinal purposes before being sold as a carbonated drink.

6. Campa Cola

Campa ColaCreated by the Pure Drinks Group in the 1970s, Campa Cola was created after Coca Cola was asked to leave the country by the government. The drink quickly became popular because of lack of foreign competition but sales started declining once Coca Cola came back to India.

7. Bindu Jeera Fizz

Bindu Jeera FizzIn 1987, Satya Shankar launched packaged drinking water named Bindu Mineral Water. Later, inspired by Jal Jeera that he had on a visit to North India, he decided to experiment it with some soda thus giving rise to the very famous jeera drink named Bindu Jeera Fizz in 2002. However, the drink has been out of stock at major outlets

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