Top 10 Indian Sweets We All Love!

Indian cuisine is often known for its spicy flavours and a variety of vegetables or herbs used to cook it. But what makes the Indian food rich is the plethora of sweets and desserts it has to offer. From Laddoos to Rasgullas, Indian sweets are famous all across the globe. And here are 10 Indian sweets that we all love.


1 Indian SweetsWest Bengal, rich in its culture and heritage is a culinary delight for all the food lovers. Bengal is known for a variety of sweets. It is the country’s favourite place for desserts. Sandesh is a sweet item, made with chana. Sandesh is a classic and is available in several flavours like Chocolate Sandesh, Mango Sandesh and Ice-cream Sandesh.

2.Kaju Barfi

2 Indian SweetsA Kaju based sweet, cut into diamond-shaped bullets, Kaju Barfi is often given as present or gift during celebrations of festivities. Kaju barfi is a classic and people tend to eat it without adding any flavours.

3.Mysore Pak

3 Indian SweetsSouth India’s favourite sweet Mysore Pak makes it to the list. The sweet has originated in the 19th century and has been famous ever since then. The sweet is cooked with sugar, milk, flour and plenty of ghee.

4.Soan Papdi

4 Indian SweetsFlaky and paper-like textured, Soan Papdi is sweet found in almost every household. It takes its origin from the state of Gujarat and is a great option for those who like desserts with little sugar. Also who else loves the Soan Papdi’s memes?


5 Indian SweetsKalakand is made by stirring milk continuously on a large pan. Khoya is prepared and then loaded with dry fruits and is then set. Kalakand is often flavoured with jaggery and melts directly in your mouth.

6.Gulab Jamun

6 Indian SweetsAnother delight from Medival times is Gulab Jamun. It is no shocker that this sweet is India’s absolute favourite. Made with flour, ghee, deep-fried and dipped in sugary syrup, you can find it in every occasion or celebration.


7 Indian SweetsAnother delight from the streets of Kolkata is Jalebi. Jalebis are orange coloured sweets, made with chana, dal and sugar syrup. They are deep-fried, dipped in sugar syrup. Jalebis are served hot with cold Rabri and this combination is a delight.


8 Indian SweetsKajjikaya is a popular sweet in the Southern parts of India. They are also immensely popular in the north and are called as Gujia. They are deep-fried and sugar-coated or dipped in sugar syrup. Gujiyas are often filled with coconut or jaggery to add the flavour.


9 Indian SweetsModak is Maharashtra’s most celebrated dessert. It is Lord Ganesha’s favourite food and Modaks are made every year during the Ganesh Chaturthi period.


10 Indian SweetsHow can this list be complete if we do not mention Laddoos? Laddoos are round-shaped sweet balls made with bare hands. Laddoos are available in several varieties and are made with besan, atta or sattu.

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