8 Inspiring Indian Transgenders Who Became Firsts In These Respective Fields

It’s not easy to face the world when you’re a transgender. Yentho abusive behaviour face cheyalsi vastundi society nunchi and parents kuda accept cheyyaru almost chala cases lo but ivvani tattukoni kuda they accept their sexuality and they follow their own path. Transgenders lo chala mandi society lo manchi dignified positions lo unnaru. Ituvanti goppa transgenders valle transgender community ki oka respect vastundi and chala mandiki even we can do it no matter what ani inspiration kaluguthundi.

So Let’s take a look at successful transgender people who broke the shackles to become the first ones to achieve big in their area of interest, from academics to politics

1) Joyita Mondal

Joyita MondalOctober 2017 lo North Bengal lok adalat ki judge ga appoint aipoyaru Joyita Mondal. She is India’s first transgender judge

2) Sathyasri Sharmila

Sathyasri Sharmila36 yella Sathyasri Sharmila is the first transgender lawyer in India.

3) Prithika Yashini

Prithika YashiniPrithika Yashini became the first transgender police officer

4) Manabi Bandopadhyay

Manabi BandopadhyayShe is India’s first transgender college principal & she is also the first transgender person in India who has completed Doctor of Philosophy (PhD).

5) Mumtaz

MumtazMumtaz is the first transgender who came out to contest elections in India. She contested in Punjab from Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP).

6) Shabnam Mausi

Shabnam MausiShe is India’s first transgender who became an MLA. Sohagpur constituency in district Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh nunchi contest chesi MLA ga gelicharu. And Mausi ki 12 different languages kuda vachu

7) Shabi

ShabiIndia’s first transgender soldier

8) Jiya Das

Jiya DasKolkata’s Jiya Das became the first transgender operation theatre or OT technician

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