India’s Favourite Foods During The Rains And The Monsoon Season!


The monsoons are our favourite season. We love the rains and everything that follows it. Honestly, the rain just makes everything better, right? The breeze, fresh aroma of the mud, flowers, everything makes the monsoon season super special for everyone. But, what do we love the most about this season? The food, right?
So, here are super popular monsoon foods which everyone loves and craves for.


The superstar of the monsoon season has to be corn or bhutta. Available only during the rainy season, we wait all year to relish on bhuttas. What is a monsoon without us being stuck in rain, and devouring hot and charcoal burnt bhutta topped with chilly powder and lemon juice? Ah, what joy!

1 5 Favourite Foods To Eat During The Rains2.Pakodas

Pakodas are our favourite tea-time food. But, eating them on a rainy day, nothing beats that feeling now. A plate of onion pakoras, cauliflower pakoras or chicken pakoras makes our hearts happy like nothing else.

2 5 Favourite Foods To Eat During The Rains3.Chai

A hot piping cup of adrak chai on a super cold evening is enough to make the rainy season perfect. Be it the Hyderabadi Irani Chai or Bombay’s Cutting Chai, they just make the rains special and magical. So go for an extra kadak chai and enjoy the rains.

3 5 Favourite Foods To Eat During The Rains4.Samosas

Sigh! It is a mistake if we do not include samosas in our list. Samosas with our favourite pudina chutney or dhaniya chutney make a gloomy day nicer. Mouthwatering, deep-fried and delicious, we love eating a plate full of samosas.

4 5 Favourite Foods To Eat During The Rains5.Bajji/Bhaji

Bajjis or Bhajiya are glorious and how. Be it the spicy Mirchi bajjis or the comforting aloo bajjis, we are always ready to gulp them down. They are exactly what we need when it is raining cats and dogs outside.

5 5 Favourite Foods To Eat During The Rains