Irrfan Khan to star in Tom Hanks thriller ‘Inferno’

Irrfan Khan to feature in Tom Hanks’ ‘Inferno’.

Irrfan Khan, who has acted in a number of Hollywood films, and is easily the most recognisable Indian actor in Hollywood, is set to add another feather to his cap by acting with Tom Hanks in the third instalment of the series starring Tom Cruise.

The film is a sequel to Angels and Demons, and is based on author Dan Brown’s book – Inferno.

Tom Hanks is set to reprise his role as Harvard University professor Robert Langdon, as he takes on secret and occult organisations who are trying to take on the world. While the idea might seem laughable as we live in a world with ISIS and other terror organisations, the novels were a huge hit and has given author Dan Brown a cult status.

In fact, according to legend, the author doesn’t have a public life, and his residential address is kept a secret.

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