15 ‘Jetix’ Shows Every 90’s Kid Was Madly In Love With


– Describe your Childhood?

– Cartoon Network and Jetix.

Anthe mana balyam lo Cartoon Network and Jetix channels tho spend chesina time inka denitho chesi vundam. Appati cartoons ni ippatiki gurtuku thechukunna happy tears vasthai. Mukyamga Jetix channel (2004 – 2009) 5 years ye unna manaki yenno memorable shows ni anthaku minchi happy memories ni migilchindi.

So, let’s go back to our childhood and recollect all those memories

1.Galactik Football

2.Dragon Booster

3.Martin Mystery

4.Super Robo Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!


6.Power Ranger Series

7. George of the jungle

8.Inspector gadget

9. Tutenstein

10. Legend Of Tarzan

11. Timon And Pumba

12. Duck Tales

13. Uncle Teddy

14. Gargoyles

15. American Dragon