This Mesmerizing Video Speaks The Heart Of Every Hindustani Musalman


The love for one’s nation comes irrespective of a religion you belong to. But, off late in some cases, the way a Muslim is looked at, does hurt when it comes to national integrity. Just because somewhere some person from a particular religion causes imbalance in the society, one cannot hold blame against the whole section.

This video by Kantriguyz about every Hindustani Musalman might be coming to light a bit late after the Independence day, but has a lot to speak. If there are any amateur heads out there, this will give you what it takes to be a Muslim in a country like India and get you to listen to their heart that beats the same way for the country as yours. It shows how everyone stands equal when it comes to celebrating Independence Day or Republic Day.

Great work, Kantriguyz! You have spoken on behalf of every Hindustani Musalman!!