Keshava Movie Review: An Intriguing And Intense Revenge Story

Cast and Crew: Nikhil Siddharth, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar, Vennela Kishore, Priyadarshi
Director: Sudheer Varma
Producer: Abhishek Nama
Production House: Abhishek Pictures
Music Director: Sunny M.R
Censor Certificate: U/A
Run Time: 116 minutes
Among all the young and talented heroes in Telugu Film Industry, Nikhil Siddharth is one such actor, who is very choosy regarding script and only do story oriented movies. Initially, the actor followed the same trend of routine commercial films, but none of them get succeeded at the box office. But one movie completely changed his life, and it is Swamy Ra Ra. Since then, he has consecutive hits like Karthikeya, Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada, and Surya Vs Surya in his bag, except Shankarabanam, which didn’t do well at the box office.
Story: The story is a whole thriller revenge drama. It all starts with the deaths of a family in a road accident. After almost twelve years, one student (Nikhil Siddharth) plans to bring their murderers to justice. He also kills the cops, who are involved in it. He has a rare heart disease. Unlike other, Nikhil has a heart on the right side instead of the left side, and due to that, if he is prone to anger or excitement, he will get a panic attack, and it leads to death. Meanwhile, Sharmila Mishra (Isha Koppikar) comes as special investigation officer to investigate the murders of two police officials. Slowly, she came to know about Nikhil and arrests him. But he manages to escape, and she came to know the actual reason behind the deaths of the family. What is the reason? Who is he? To get answers to these questions, you should watch the movie.
Performances: When coming to performances, Nikhil has got cent percent. He is seen in a new avatar like never before. He again proved that he could get success with experimental films without any routine commercial formulas. There is a loft of freshness in this movie. This is a typical revenge story but with a brilliant screenplay. Undoubtedly, Keshava is a game changer in Nikhil’s career. Unlike his previous films, he looked entirely different and proved his mettle in dealing any roles with great ease. After along gap, Isha Koppikar is back on screen in a more dominant position. She did justice to her cop role, and Ritu Varma also gave one of the best performances. But she has tiny to do with the story.
With theme ‘Revenge is the dish best served cold’ the director succeeded in presenting it before the audience in a different manner. The first half is very impressive, and interval bang is intriguing. But there are some scenes in second half, which might make the audience feel bored, and the story again picks up when it is heading towards the climax. The cinematography and background score are top notch, and the dialogues will give goosebumps during some scenes. Especially, the scenes between Nikhil and Isha are fantastic, and director did an excellent job in presenting the emotions perfectly on screen.
The Telugu audience who keeps on complaining about the routine commercial formula based films should watch this movie. Though it doesn’t have mind blowing twists, it will have some nail-biting sequences, and it is a worth watching film.