KFC Testing The Use Of Edible Bowls For Serving Its Smoking Hot Delicacies..!!


In what could be termed as an wholesome meal, KFC if reports are to be believed, is toying with an idea to introduce worldwide Rice bowls which could be literally eaten. These bowls in question will be made out of edible material Tortilla, which if approved and viable will replace the plastic bowl in which KFC has till been serving it’s trademark, Rice Bowlz. Eco friendly and tasty , what more do you want really.

The edible bowls will be initially tried out in two KFC restaurants in Bengaluru for a week, and may be introduced across the country, depending on its response. The tortilla bowls will be made fresh in the restaurants, by frying the flour tortillas using a special mould.

One of the chain’s best-selling menu items, it is a mix of rice and gravy, served with vegetable or chicken strips. The new Rice Bowlz will be available in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian versions from Apr. 28 to May 4.

This is the first time KFC is introducing edible utensils. In 2015, it announced plans to launch edible coffee cups made from biscuit, sugar paper and heat-resistant white chocolate, in the UK. However, these haven’t been introduced till date.

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