KOCHI: The Queen Of Arabian Sea And Also A Perfect Holiday Spot

Kochi is a city very much defined by its serenading backwaters and blue breeze. Wallpapers lo places reality ki koncham dhuranga untay kani, when you get to see wallpapers of places in Kochi avi poster lo kante baite bavuntay ani cheppali. Kochi lo em em andhalunnayo chuddham randi!

The Queen Of Arabian Sea


The Queen Of Arabian SeaEarly morning teapot café ki vellaranukondi, you can relish many flavours of tea over there! Oka classic tea taste manaki theliyali ante e place ki ravalsindhe. Southern homemade cake taste cheyyalante kuda idhe perfect place.

Queen of the Arabian Sea:

The Queen Of Arabian Sea

Kochi ni “Queen of Arabian sea” ani antaru, endhuko idea undha? Endhukante, it was an important trade centre for spices on the western coast of India right from the 14th century. Southern Naval command headquarters kuda Kochi lone undhi. Ikkadi ki velli chudalsina places chala ne unnay.

Colourful sunset:

The Queen Of Arabian Sea

Ikkada Bholgatty island meedha sunset avthunnappudu place antha colourful ga change avthundhi. May be you will not get this wonderful view anywhere else. Spring, autumn seasons lo ikkada unnantha beautiful sunset India lo ekkada undadhemo! Okkasari velli chudalsindhe.


The Queen Of Arabian Sea

Coconut skin crafts and handcrafts ki kochi hometown kabatti I think we will have a lot of stuff to pick while we shop. Shopping ayyaka, head out to Cherai Beach in Vypeen Island..Naku thelisi beach ante istapade vallu chala mandhi untaru….Beach ni enjoy chese vallaki inka rojantha full fun.

Last day akkada dhorike biriyani tho patu pineapple fry thini koncham chill avandi…But tourist attractions chala unnay akkadiki velladam mathram marchipokandi.

Hope you enjoyed reading this article… If there are any other exciting things you know about Kochi… comment and let me know!

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