6 Life Lessons From Kung Fu Panda Which Guarantee You Inner Peace..!!


Don’t be a racist. Be like a panda. It’s white and black and Asian. Well, here are 6 life lessons from Kung Fu Panda apart from the don’t be a racist funda 😉

1. If You Can Dream About It, You’ll Eventually Get It:

giphyNo matter how huge, unreal or impossible your dream seems, if you trust in them, they will become reality at some point in time.So, the key is to believe in yourself, because dreams do come true!

2. Self-belief is the key :

giphy (5)Believe in your ability to be great. There was nothing in the scroll but a reflection.If you never believe that you can achieve your dreams, then you will be correct, because there is no other secret ingredient.

3. Role Models are just milestones! Don’t try to be their second version:

giphy (1)Po the Panda endlessly adored and idolized the “Furious Five,” while dreaming of fighting crime with them. But he evolves as the first version of himself and that is the reason he why he eventually accomplishes (inner peace), which is something no other member of the Furious Five could in all those years.

4. To succeed you don’t have to be better than the best:

giphy (3)Yes, that’s right! To succeed you do not have to be strive to be better than the best. Focusing on your niche and working on building your core competence will do the trick. Panda was never was as good as the Furious Five, but like Shifu says, “What makes you a better contender is not comparison but your own distinct way of doing it.”

5. Everyone has their own way of handling crisis:

giphy (4)Trust in your team members. They might have a solution to the problem that might be different from what you believe. But, it could still be a solution, because everyone has their own way of handling crisis. Poo preferred to eat when upset, while that was his way of handling stress, it is this weakness that helped him train better and become the dragon warrior.

6. The secret of reaching your destination can be hidden in your biggest weakness:

giphy (2)Food was Poo’s greatest weakness and Master Shifu used this to train the Panda. Master Shifu channelized Poo’s weakness when he built a mental connection between training and food, thus making the panda a great Kung Fu master and the dragon warrior.

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