Lesser known hacks about Whatsapp


Manam chala years nundi Whatsapp use chestune untam. But kaani konni settings and hacks manam telusukovalsinavi chalane unayi. So, check out the lesser known hacks about Whatsapp.

1.Manam whatsapp lo evaritho ekuvaga chat chestunamo telusukovachu. Just you need to go settings-Data Usage-Storage Usage. Then you will get all the required data.whatsapp

2.Manam whatsapp lo edanna date or time type chestey adi save chesukune option untadi. You can also create an event.whatsapp

3.Actually, meru photos, important notes and voice clips indhulo store chesukovachu. Deni kosam create own group with any of your contacts and tarvata, remove the participant. Then start saving pictures and voice notes.whatsapp

4.You can actually hide your phone number while using Whatsapp. Me old sim insert chesi whatsapp create cheyandi. Then insert new sim, old dani place. So, me no. evarikiteliyadu.whatsapp

5.Meru typewriter font kusa use cheyochu  indhulo. Denikosam you need to go to punctuations tab on your chat and enclose your message with three characters on either side. Ipudu message send cheste, adi typewriter font lo untadi.whatsapp

6.Chala mandi read receipts deactive chestaru. Alantapudu kuda group lo entamandi me messages chadivaro meru chudochu. Adi ela antey, you need to do is left swipe on any message and you will get the list.whatsapp