Let’s Vote For Our Telugu Guy ‘Jayaraj Gedela’ Who Represent India At 300km Of Arctic Wilderness

Winter vastundi antec chalu manam antha oh chali antu sweatshirts, beanies vethukovadam lantivi chestham. Tropical region lo unde maname ila unte eppudu minus degree bone chilling temperature tho Arctic region lo situation ela untado ika cheppe avasaram ledu. Ippudu aa emukulu korike (bone chilling) arctic region lo mana telugu kurradu ‘Jayaraj Gedela’ 300 Km adventurous journey chestunnadu.

1 - jayaraj gedela

So, Jayaraj edo arctic trip oo tour ki oo velladu anukunte meeru pappulo kallesinatte. Yes, atanu vellindi tour ki kadu adventurous trip ki antha kanna kadu. Mari enti ante? akkadike vasthunna ‘Jayaraj’ is fighting it out to represent India and win glory at Fjällräven Polar 2018 competition and want to bring laurels to our country.

But What is ‘Fjällräven Polar 2018’?

2 - jayarj gadela

Fjällräven Polar 2018 is 300 Km adventure of a lifetime in arctic region where almost 20 people around the globe will participate in this winter event. Every year Norway Signaldalen nundi start ayyi Väkkäräjärvi in Sweden lo end ayye ee arctic wilderness event ni 19 years nundi ‘Fjällräven Polar’ varu conduct chestunnaru.

Total 7 days -40 degrees bone chilling temperature lo 300 Km journey chesthu variki icche 8 husky dogs tho evari food vare prepare chesukoni elanti hurdles vachina last varaku tamanu tamu survive cheskuntu task accomplish chestaro variki ee ee expedition ‘Fjällräven Polar 2018’ title winner ga announce chestaru.

Before that each participant from respective countries will be selected and win on basis of voting criteria.

3 - jayaraj gedela

Ee year India and world lo different countries nundi number of applicants apply chesaru, andulo mana Vizag abbayi ‘Jayaraj Gedela’ okadu. 21 years young dentist Jayaraj, ippudu ee event lo 4th (current 1st place) place lo unnadu. To reach top on the list and maintain first place he need more votes from our end so that he can participate in event and bring glory to our nation.

This is not the first time that Jayaraj applied for Fjällräven Polar 2018 competition last time kuda applied chesadu but voting valla select avaledu and last time ithani support chesthu Samantha and Sukumar social media lo post kuda pettaru.


So folks, please vote for our Telugu guy ‘Jayaraj Gedela’ and do support to accomplish this lifetime adventure.

Please go through below link to vote ‘Jayaraj Gedela’


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