11 Lines That Every Teacher Always Says..!!

By Ritika Chhabria

There are some lines that teachers use repeatedly, even though they don’t mean it always. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and remember some of these lines!
Your class is the worst class I have ever taught!
This line is something they say in every class. When you talk to friends after class and tell them (very proudly I might add) that this line was told to your class, they reply in an instant that it was the same teacher who said it to them the previous day! They just can’t decide who is worse, I guess!

Is this a fish market or what?

Whenever the class makes noise, they just have to say this line! And after a long lecture they end it by saying “I want pin-drop silence now!” Like that’s even possible from our side! We just love to talk, don’t we?

What’s the joke you guys are sharing? Come share it with the entire class!

When this line comes you know you’re in trouble. Coz you know the teacher’s not gonna let the matter slide easily. She/He will ask you, repeatedly, to share the story with the class. It is only after he/she thinks you have been embarrassed will you be allowed to sit.

Why are you talking? Come now, you come here and explain!

So after you are caught talking, you are asked to explain from where she/he left off. And of course this is followed by “You stand in my place and I’ll sit in your place. Let’s see if you have the same amount of fun then!”

You’re here just to waste your parents’ money!

This is the ultimate form of blackmail/guilt because they will try and make you realize the value of money, then they will make you realize how hard your parents are working and how by not studying you are wasting their hard-earned money. This turns out to be one long monologue!

The board is in the front, why are you looking back?

If your friend happens to sit behind you and you have to tell him/her something, very urgently at that, you will turn behind to start talking, and then you’re gone! There’s a piece of chalk thrown in your direction and fingers pointing to you, yes you, the one on the right!

This is a crucial year for you..!!

When you’re in 8th grade it’s important to get your foundation right. When you’re in 9th grade, you have to get ready for grade 10. And no thinking about anything apart from studies in grade 10. Grade 12 marks will be counted throughout your life so that’s crucial. Your graduation is important, so that’s crucial. They just find a way to make our entire school and college life crucial!

Your life will be better if you listen to me now !
8They say experience matters and when teachers are ready to share their experiences of life and help us secure a better future, we don’t listen. But who can blame us, we were just kids! Nevertheless, we did learn from our own experiences, so I guess first-hand exposure was good?

When will you start studying?

This happens especially when we get our papers! If we get good marks, we get remarks like
“I know your potential, you can do better”. If we get bad marks”Just tell me when you will start studying, at least get serious now.” Ultimately, I think we all do okay in life!

You’re too early for the next class! Please come back later.!

10 (2)
Just when we see the doors of the class open and are about to enter, there’s our teacher forbidding us from entering and all our hope just goes down the drain.

Do you even know the meaning of sorry?

What happens when most of the above dialogues are said is that we reply with a ‘Sorry’. And then teachers ask us if we know what that means, because frankly, we being us, don’t correct ourselves easily.
We know you still love all your students. And they say it themselves, don’t they; they remember their naughtiest students the most!

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