List Of Names Revealed By Chinmayi Sripada From South Movie Industry

Many of us know what is #Metoo campaign. If anyone not aware of this, mekosam idi.

#Metoo anedi social media lo jaruguthunna campaign. October 2017 lo ila hashtag tho viral ayyindi. Sexual harrassments and assaults ni share cheyadaniki. Nijanni bayata petti vedhavalu evaro society ki teliya cheyatani ki ee campaign baga use avthondi.

Chinmayi is a well established singer in telugu, tamil industries and also she have a good fame in Bollywood for her works.

Chinmayi Sripada

Recent ga osthunna thana posts chuste anpisthundi, She is a very brave women ani. Chala dhairyam kavali ila perlu bayata pettadaniki. She is currently shaking tamil film industry & twitter with her posts. Urke blame chesthondi anukunte pora paatey.

Chinmayi Sripada

She have proofs which are sent by People(victims) valani anonymous ga uncha mani adgthu ee celebrities behaviour ni show casing chesthunaru. They are sharing their experience. Vati aadharam ga chinmayi #Metoo #Timesup tags tho perlu bayata pedthondi.

These are the names she has revealed till now

It is a bit shocking to hear Singer Karthik & Cricketer Mallinga names in #metoo also others are vairamuthu (national award winning lyricist – tamil), musician Raghu Dixit( multi lingual folk music band – works for movies) Prashanth Ranga swamy (tamil movie critic), Mandolin Rajesh.

Chinmayi Sripada

Journalist Sandhya Menon was the first to tweet the screenshot of an anonymous allegation made against the lyricist.

Chinmayi SripadaChinmayi Sripada

Chinmayi, who has been vocal about sexual harassment, retweeted Sandhya’s post, opening up a barrage of responses on social media.

#metoo campaign gurinchi intha brave lead teskunna chinmayini support chesthu Actor Kamal Hassan oka media interaction ila annaru.

Chinmayi Sripada

He said, “The accused should step out and speak regarding the issue. Others who are not associated with it shouldn’t really comment on this whole controversy. I welcome the #MeToo movement if it happens in an honest manner. I see it as a welcoming change.”

Actress Samantha ila tweet chesaru.

Chinmayi Sripada

Actor & Director Rahul Ravichandran, her husband also tweeted regarding #istandwithchinmayi

Chinmayi Sripada

Let’s see how this goes on and what can happen to them. If any action taken that is highly welcomed . Edyna jarigite vintha ye but atleast people get to know who is who. This can make women safe with people & situations.

Like the way chinmayi’s Twitter profile’s description is, I am Singer and every thing else I want to be.

I wish all Womenwill be the way they want to be, Brave and Strong.Chinmayi you go girl, more power to you.

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