Mass Layoffs: Here’s A List Of Top Companies That Sacked Employees In Bulk Amid Global Recession Ahead

After Elon Musk took over twitter he started doing many changes within the company. His Twitter reforms include hiking the charges for bluetick profiles to sacking unwanted, unnecessary staff. Very next minute after he owned Twitter he removed the CEO and other board members Of Twitter. Not just them, Elon sacked almost 4000+ employees without prior notice.

Not only Twitter, a lot of other tech giants and other companies including Wipro, Netflix & Bytedance of Tiktok also started sacking employees. According to some popular business and news reports, there is a chance of Global Recession in the coming 2023. As a preventive measure amid global recession the companies are sacking employees.

Here’s A List Of Top Companies That Sacked Employees

1. Meta Company Recently Sacked 11,000 Employees in last 2 months

2. Amazon Layoffs Nearly 10,000 Employees Globally in between 2021-2022

3. Snap Parent company of Snapchat layoffs 6,000 employees in 2022

4. Microsoft layoffs nearly 1000+ employees globally

5. Bytedance layoffs 3,600 employees globally

6. Wipro Nearly Sacked 500 To 1000 Employees in the last 3 months

7. Infosys cut off nearly 300-500+ employees

8. Elon Musk, The CEO Of Twitter recently sacked around 4000+ employees without prior notice.

9. Coinbase sacked 1,100+ employees in 2022

10. Netflix also layoff 500+ employees in 2022

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