Love Masked As Hate? When Society And Families Define Our Love..!!

By Bhargavi Iyer

Over the past years of our life, the word love meant different things. It had existed even before we were born. We’re a nothing but a by-product of this love. By-product in the sense that our society is the parent. If this parent can accept us then why can’t it accept our choices?


There are moat of us that do not come to terms with the rules and stereotypes that exist. They want to breakthrough and go past them. They’re capable of something better but they face the wrath of it. Yet they keep on going.

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Despite their efforts, there comes a point where they can no longer take it. That’s when they unite and vanish. Now you see, love which is considered to be sacred is brought to such a state. Who is to be blamed for this? The ones who have tolerated for so long and have given up because they have none to look up to? Or is it the ones that show an illusion that this is a perfect world and nothing is wrong.

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It’s just the crazy ones who lose hope. You decide who has to change. But remember hope exists when loves does. When nothing else in the world gives you a reason to survive, hope gives you that reason. Clinging too much on love doesn’t make you cringe worthy but clinging too much on hope without making an effort does. So break those shackles and shake that booty!

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