8 Things You Relate To If You Are In Love With Sleeping


If you are one among those who love to sleep on weekends instead of partying, then it is the proof that you are completely in relationship with sleep. Here are few things you will relate to if you are in love with sleeping:

1. You completely hate mornings because you have to take a break from your sleep.1.-You-completely
2. You eagerly wait for weekends not for partying but to sleep.2.-You-eagerly
3. You are late for every other party or meeting because you over-slept.3.-You-are-late-for-every
4. At least twice in a month, you take a sick leave just to sleep.4.-At-least-twice-in-a-month
5. You never sacrifice your sleep for anyone.5.-You-never
6. You will hate people those who say, “Sleeping is a waste of time.”6.-You-will-hate-people
7. Your friends refer you to Kumbakaran7.-Your-friends-refer-you
8. You hate the saying, 6 hours of sleep is enough for human being. You just hate when someone says it.8.-You-hate-the-saying,