Maggie Pani Puri To Nutella Biryani, These Food Combinations Are Making The People Angry


The quarantine period has made us all try new things and pick up new hobbies. Undoubtedly our favourite hobby has been to cook and learn new methods, techniques and ace our food game. What we also learned is that we can survive without junk food and we can also cook our favourite foods at home.
This lockdown has also given birth to several food trends or challenges. The Dalgona Coffee, The Corona Pakoda, all went viral on the internet. The Millenials showered love on these foods from all across by posting or remaking these dishes. They were widely accepted on several platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok.
While all this is great, several food combinations received slack. The netizens could not bear to see their favourite food items getting disrespect. So, here are some bizarre food combinations invented during the quarantine which nobody accepted.

1.Nutella Biryani

1 Weird CombinationsWho even thought of this? We love Nutella and we love Biryani but together? They are a big no-no. And just like us, true biryani lovers could not deal with their favourite food getting destroyed. Some even suggested that the person behind Nutella Biryani should be put behind the bars.

2.Maggie Panipuri

2 Weird CombinationsAgain, we love Maggie and Pani puri is our all-time favourite evening snack. But to have maggie as a filling is not something we are okay with. We love our Pani puri with either spicy ragada curry or mashed potato curry. Anything else is just cancelled.

3.Watermelon + Ketchup

3 Weird CombinationsWatermelon is a summer special. It is juicy, tasty and hydrating. We love having this every day during the hot summers. While we do not mind having watermelon in salads or juices, having it with Tomato ketchup? No, we just cannot ruin the taste of our favourite fruit. Can we just ignore that someone actually tried it?

4.Chocolate Maggie

4 Weird CombinationsIf you love chocolate eat it, and if you love maggie, eat it too. But, why mix the two things? This is surely not a fusion of flavours we look forward to.

5.Oreo Icecream Samosa

5 Weird CombinationsUgh. Can 2020 get any worse? Why would anyone think to ruin samosas by adding oreo ice cream as a filling is just beyond us. Creativity sounds great and fun only when the experiment is sane. Mixing ice cream with samosa is a hate-crime and we must never accept this.

6.Boiled Egg And Chai

6 Weird CombinationsA picture went viral where a man was eating this boiled egg dipped in chai. This is beyond disgust and we fully believe that this is against humanity. Why, why and just why? Chai lovers, unite here and fight to bring back the glory of our humble and beloved chai.