Mahabali Shera To Great Khali: 8 Indian Origin Wrestlers Who Made It To WWE

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) – ee generations kids ki PUBG, Netflix prapancham emo kani 90’s kids ki matram WWE. Appatlo TV lo ee show ni adhe paniga chusthu TV mundhu stick aipoyevallam. Chudadam varake kadhu swho lo jarige fights mana siblings tho intlo bed meedha full try chesevallamu…

WWE anagane manaki… Undertaker, Kane, Triple H ila kondaru iconic wrestlers strike avtharu. Ee show lo mana Indian wrestlers name cheppamante taakna Kahli tappa vere name gurthu radhu. Kani Khali kanna mundhu kondaru India nundi Indian origin wrestlers kondaru WWE lo participate chesaru….indulo meeku entha mandi telusu? Evaru

1. Jinder Mahal

Jinder MahalIndian origin punjabi from Canada…ithanu WWE Sports lo 2002 lo debut icchi konni matches adadu.

2. The Singh Brothers AKA Bollywood Boyz

The Singh Brothers2005 lo WWE ki entry icchina Singh Brothers, Sunil And Samir iddaru Indian origin wrestlers from canada.

3. Mahabali Shera

Mahabali SheraMahabali Shera AKA Amanpreet Singh Randhawa is an Indian wrestler who participated in 2011 WWE India’s Nonstop Action Event and won the Ring Ka King title.

4. Gama Singh AKA Great Gama

Gama Singh AKA Great GamaGardowar Singh who hails from Punjab is the first and primary wrestler to participate in WWE from 1980 to 1986.

5. Tiger Ali Singh

Tiger Ali SinghTiger Ali singh Canada Punjabi, who made his debut in early 90’s and played some matches.

6. Kishan Raftar

Kishan RaftarKabaddi World Championship lo India ki cups tevadam lo major role play chesina Kishan Raftar WWE lo couple of game adi short career ga end chesadu.

7. Rinku Singh Rajput

Rinku Singh RajputFormer baseball player who signed a contract with WWE in 2018, and he performs on the Raw brand under the ring name Veer.

8. Kavita Devi

Kavita DeviAnd the only lady in the list who won gold medals for India and joined Wrestle Mania in 2018.

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