Mahesh Babu’s prominent dialogues in English


Mahesh Babu ante chaala..konni movies nad andulo dialogues gurthu osthay. We love his acting, charm and also his dialogue delivery in his movies. Ive dialogues ni English lo translate chesthe, it is hilarious. Here are some dialogues that surely are everyone’s favorite.

1. Evadu kodithe dimma thirigi mind block aypothado … aade pandugadu – pokiri1mahesh-dialougesWho hit, hear round and brain block, he only pandu fellow!

2. Idi Kurnool kadu ra, paathabasti – okkadu2mahesh-dialougesThis not Kurnool, old lane!!!

3. Ila round up chesi confuse cheyoduu endukante confusion lo eku kottestanu – businessman3mahesh-dialougesLike this round up and confuse and do not hit, because confusion means I hit more!

4. Yuddam chathakanode dharmam gurinchi matladtadu sir – businessman4mahesh-dialougesWar not possible only then philosophy speak sir.

5. Gurthupettuko neekante thope evadu ledikkada – businessman5mahesh-dialougesRemember, greater than you, no one here.

6. Kanlu unnado mundumatrame chustadu, dimak unnodu duniya motham chustadu – dookudu6mahesh-dialougesWho have eyes see front, who have head see world round.

7. Mind lo fix ayithe blind ga vellipotha, vinaa – dookudu7mahesh-dialougesInside mind fix, I go blind. No listen.

8. Abbey o battebazz, bayaniki meaning eh teliani blood ra naadi – dookudu8mahesh-dialougesHey you bat-e-bazz, scare meaning doesn’t know my blood.

9. Okkasari commit aythe na maata nene vinanu – pokiri9mahesh-dialougesOnce I commit, I can’t hear my words.

10. Dikki balshina kodi chicken shop mundukochi thoda kottindanta – aagadu10mahesh-dialougesBootspace full chick come in front of chicken shop slapping thighs.