Make The Most Of The Summer Month Offs With These Wonderful Things…Whohooo..!!

By Apeksha Tickoo

With mercury hitting half a century in some parts of the country, summer vacation is no less than a boon for all of us! While some of you may have already planned to escape to hills this vacation, I know there are so many who are sitting back at home and have nothing in their mind except for ‘Eat-Sleep-Repeat’! Being a part of the second category I completely understand that the first few days of eating, sleeping and repeating may turn out to be extremely relaxing but too much of it can kill you with boredom! (It almost killed me!) Turning to a couch potato or a mouse potato does no good either! So why not invest all this time of summer vacation in the coolestperson of your life! (What are you thinking? It’s You!)

We bring to you all the things you can do this summer to make this vacation productive and filled with fun! And trust us, at the end of this holiday, you’ll feel revivedlike never before! (No post vacation blues guaranteed!)



Be it waking up early or going for a jog, doing chores in time or keeping the room tidy, it is a universal fact that with the exhausting routine (school/college/job/assignments)it is almost impossible to build new habits. So vacation comes with a golden opportunity to work on habits you want to adopt. Initial days can be a bit rough but after you keep up with it for a few days, following it will be as easy as ‘Eat Sleep Repeat!'(Okay! Not that easy, but not difficult either). And when you return to your routine after the holiday, you won’t have to put in any extra effort to follow it because by then, you’ll be a pro at it!


3Vacation means a lot (LOT) of time to kill. Of course you can watch as many movies as you want and all your favorite series but creating a little world of your own is not only special but a lot more fruitful than anything else. So what exactly is ‘creating a world’? Interested in photography? Make a Facebook page and connect with other photography lovers. Upload your clicks. Love creative writing? Make a blog and pour all your creativity into it! Connect with other people who share the same interest as you! Arrange meetings with them! Share your experiences. It’ll not only broaden your horizons but you’ll emerge as a more confident person!



2There is always a field other than your own which fascinates you. Say, you are doing MBA but are highly inclined towards psychology and human behavior. So is there a way that you can study another course which has always captivated youand satisfy your urge irrespective of your age or the place you live? We say yes! From studying black holes to architecture, calligraphy to astrophysics, there are hundreds of website which offer free online courses.

We hunted down one for you. Here is the link!

It includes lectures from top notch international universities and comprises of over 1200 courses! (Including language lessons for French, Chinese, Urdu, Arabic, Spanish and many more!) And if you think you’re too cool for these courses, you might want to check again! It comprises of courses like Video Game laws, Witch Hunt persecutions and (A LOT) more which are completely going to suit your coolness!



1How many times has it happened that you decide to meet your old buddies from school or college but the plan never gets executed because of your commitments or job? (The only thing that remains of the plan is probably a whatsapp group). Vacation to the rescue! Make a plan again! Reunite with your pals! Live the old and gold days! Trust us, nothing will rejuvenate you more than a walk down the memory lane with your friends!

TRANSFORM YOUR BODY (And enjoy it!!)

Vacation or no vacation, nobody wants to be unhealthy. But unfortunately the only snag in vacation is, that less or no activity does not do any good to your body. But who wants to get up and exercise during vacation! (It completely kills the vibe!) So how to stay fit and healthy and enjoy without looking like a potato at the end of holidays?

Get some friends (though you’ll do good alone too!), turn on the music and zumba your way! Believe it or not, it is the most fun way to keep yourself fit and will keep you thouroughly energized throughout the day!


Follow these ideas, stay connected with Wirally, and we assure you this will be the best vacation ever!

Happy Vacation!

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