Runway reel has given us some fabulous films so far and never let us down with each movie that comes up. They come up with ideas that awestruck us and make us want more of it. They have done movies that symbolize real life, characters and situations. One such film is Makuram, their latest one. A woman undergoes immense changes in her life and moulds herself along with them; from birth to going to school, college and then at work and finally after marriage. She compromises a lot just to

ensure her house is at its best place and there is peace. She compromises her career to make her children and man succeed big time. She compromises on her physical strength and appearance to allow her spend on decorating the kids and the house. That is the greatness of her.

Here is a film by Runway Reel that talks about a situation of a woman where she has to choose between womanhood and motherhood.