This is how ‘Mana’ Tollywood batch be like if they were at school


When we all think of our school batch, we get different characters into our heads. A studious guy, an arrogant guy, the naughtiest guy etc. We have them all photographed in our memories. Now, picking on our Telugu celebs, we never know how they were at school. We don’t need to know them also. But, based on the characteristics we see them on screen, here is how we’ve imagined them to be at school.

1. That arrogant boy in the classschool

2. That silent boy in the classschool

3. That ‘maa nanna MLA’ boy in the classschool

4. That body builder guy in the classschool

5. That secret love couple in the classschool

6. That buddhi manthudu boy in the classschool

7. That boy who keeps flirting in the classschool

8. That stud boy in the class8 - arjun

9. That naughty boy who teases teachers in the class9 - ravi

10. That bakkodu of the batch10 - naresh