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MANU – These Crowd Funded Movie Sets Will Leave You Awestruck


Madhuram one of the finest short film by Phanindra Narsetti, and chandini chowdary as the lead. Gripping narration tho start aiyye ee short film oka two characters madya jarigey beautiful conversation tho chala mandi short film makers ki still oka inspiration.

Ee short film director Phanindra Narsetti chesina chala short films ki manchi fame ravadam and aa tarvatha MANU aney film anukovadam daniki crowd funding support tiskovadam lantivi jargindi. Manu team crowd funding initiate chesina short span lo 26,98,000 amount 112 crowds nundi oka positive response ravadam jargindi.

Then the team started the groundwork for a film set, which is main part of the film. Manu film story plot revolves around 8-10 characters. Director Phanindra narrated to Art director Shiv Kumar about every detail like a table, type machine, a floor in the house, colour and texture, ila everything in movie should be like characters not just like things.

Basically, Shiv Kumar is an artist, photographer, and he never into art direction department. But however, he took it as a challenge and wanted to give his best. Ala film set kosam team antha kalisi chala studios, telsina industry bigshots, try cheyadam jargindi. But finally, Miyapur lo unna oka cement godown ni choose cheskoni, 2-3 months time duration lo own ga oka set build cheskunnaru.

Ee set lo vadina colours, texture, antha organic look and telescopic way lo undey la care tiskunnaru and moreover crowd-funded movie avvadam tho every rupee chala constraint ga use chesaru. Director and art director intention lo ee movie lo every object in the set has a purpose ani chepthunnaru.

Precocity team already movie ki sambandinchi two teasers already release cheyadam jargindi. Teasers lo observe chestey, general movie lo undey lighting, visuals, la anpinchavu. Because director wants to keep a movie in a different manner so they use practical lighting and comes to visuals film cinematography antha Viswanath Reddy aney  DOP ee film ki work chesthunnadu. Film antha normal DSLR tho tisesadu and teaser lo chusthunna visuals texture oka different feel and neat cinematography la undi ekkada kuda normal DSLR quality la anpinchatledu.

Ee movie technicians antha mostly film background leni varu ea chesaru except for colourist and music director. Arjun Reddy, Awe lanti films ki work chesina colorist Vishnu Vardhan ee movie ki colourist ga chesthunnadu. Manu gurunchi chepthu general ga movie lo particular scene ila undadaniki other films reference use chestha untaru, but ee movie ki realistic paintings like potraits and landscapes ea reference ga use chesaru ani chepparu Vishnu Vardhan.

“Without using any lighting like backlight, key light, and other cinematic light effects” household lights ni matrame vadi oka mood lighting tho VIBGYOR color pallet ni MANU lo achieve chesaru.

Mari ee fastest crowd funding movie release aiyyaka elanti wonders create chesthundo chudali.

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