8 Medical Chamatkars in Tollywood Films That Definitely Blow Your Mind


Well, sometimes it is very difficult to expect logic from Tollywood films. Unlike, in reality, hero kills everyone else even after being shot multiple times. So, we are now discussing the films that took medical science to whole next level.

1. Heart transplantation scene from Hrudaya Kaleyam1.-Heart-transplantationWords will fall short to describe this scene. You should watch this scene.

2. Face Transplantation scene from Manavudu Danavudu2.-Face-Transplantation
3. Memory Loss concept from Vijayendra Varma3.-Memory-LossBalakrishna regains his memory suddenly.

4. Bullet Concept from Stalin4.-Bullet-Concept
5. Lawrence still dance in Style movie though he got injured5.-Lawrence-still
6. In Okkadu Chalu movie even after severe injuries, Rajasekhar still fights6.-In-Okkadu-Chalu
7. In Sarrainodu film, Rakul Preet Singh without food and water runs for hundreds of kilometers7.-In-Sarrainodu-film
8. In Baahubali 2, Anushka foot is so badly injured but in the next scene, we won’t find a single scar.8.-In-Baahubali-2