Brook Eddy – The Woman who earned $35 million by selling ‘Chai’


Manam chustuntam, prathi country vallaki oka habit untadi, kontamandiki konni rakamaina foods istam and konni countries vallaki beverages, but mana Indians ki matram baga istamaindi ‘Chai.’ Evanna problems solve chesukovalanna, friends tho paatu kasepu time spend cheyalanna anni one cup of tea thone kudurtayi. Inka cheppanate, Tea gurinchi mana Telugu movies lo songs kuda unayi anukondi, anta pichi manolaki tea antey.chaiMana India hospitality ki pettindi peru, asalu Athidi Devo Bhava annadi mana nunde puttindi. Evaru vachina vallaki maryada chesi pampadam mana blood lone undi and different countries valaki mana hospitality antey chala istam kuda. Alaga, 2002 lo Brook Eddy ane ame India ki vachindi, after hearing a National Public Radio story about the Swadhyay movement.chai

Asalu a movement Maharashtra lo start aindi with the primary objective of self-development, self-learning, and social awareness. A time lo India vachinapudu, she roamed on the roads of Western India and then the first time, she tasted Chai and fell in love with it.chai

After going back to Boulder, Colorado she formed an organization and named it ‘Bhakti Chai’ that tasted massive success in 2018 with a revenue of $7 million. Slow ga tana own recipes tho jars of tea cheyadam ammadam start chesindi and it turned into a massive hit. She has raised over 10 million from investors and private firms and valaki a investment return kuda ichesindi. She has recorded a total revenue of $35 million ( INR 2274125000 approximately) since the birth of the brand.chai

Ipudu present tana degara 26 employees unaru and she is working on processing of the natural and organic chais. US bayata nundi tanu ingredients teppinchukundi and especially 300,000 pounds of organic ginger delivered annually from Peru.chai

Dento paatu, she launched an organization GITA – Give, Inspire, Take Action, to help homeless and the poor. GITA has donated $500,000 to date. Inte kakunda, India antey enta istamo tanu ipatdiki cheptune untadi. Epudu India vachina oka magical connection feel avtundi ani proud ga cheptundi.

We are proud of you, for making our Chai more popular in other countries!