Meet the lady who has done a great job


We’ve seen Samantha taking charge of promoting handloom attires. She has done and is still doing everything to keep it all alive. Her stylish costumes showcase the traditional beauty of handloom and also how modern can you make every thing look. While this is happening, we have another woman doing the same on the field.1 Samantha taking charge of promoting handloom attiresAirtel Hyderabad Marathon is one of the biggest running events you will witness. It takes a lot of will power and strength to be running like those who participate there. So, there was this heroic lady. Jayanthi Sampath Kumar who is a cyclist too went on to finish the full Marathon covering 42 km. There were others doing the same too and what makes her catch the limelight?2 Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

She did the entire run in her saree. At the end of the run, she seemed as excited as in the beginning. In an interview, she said that she wanted to do this to promote handloom and also to take stand against plastic pollution happening around us.3 She did the entire run in her saree

To give this lady a hand in support, Uday Bhaskar Dandamudi, a 27 year old cyclist ran the marathon in a dhoti.4 Uday Bhaskar Dandamudi,,

Having achieved a lot already, she is keen on winning a place in the Guinness books of World Records for being the fastest runner in a saree. Her coach is sure that she will achieve this big thing too.

“we are equally confident and supportive of Jayanthi Gaaru. We are waiting to see her break and create records!” her coach.