Meet this Hyderabadi, whose portrait is unveiled at Rhodes House, Oxford University


Mana India lo basic education anagane andaru first matladedi Right to Education (RTE) gurinchi. Ee right raakamundu, idi just oka ideal mathrame. RTE ee ideal ni nijam chesindi. Inspite of all the odds present, ee section kosam supreme court lo fight chesi, daani achieve chesina lawyer Menaka Guruswamy. Idi mathrame kaadandi, homosexuality ki against ga unna IPC 377 section ki against ga fight chesina koddi mandi lawyers lo eeme okaru.

Menaka puttindi perigindi antha Hyderabad lo ne. She is a student of Hyderabad Public School. Chinnappudu lawyers’ ki unde craze, respect chusi appude lawyer aypovali ani decide cheskunnaru. Banglore lo National Law School Of India University lo BA LLB chesaru. She is graduated from there with a gold medal. Aa tharvatha Oxford University lo BCL complete chesaru, that too with Rhode’s scholarship, which is very prestigious. After that she did an LL.M from Harvard Law School, where she was a Gammon fellow. Appatlo unde office of Attorney General for India lo pani chese rare opportunity aame ki dakkindi. Tharvatha ‘New York University school of law lo professor ga pani chesaru, appude United Nations ki Human Rights Consultant ga kuda unnaru. Ila konni years paatu America lo unnaka India vachesi Supreme Court lo lawyer ga register cheskunnaru.hyderabadi

She is the first Indian to have her portrait hung at Rhodes House, in oxford,England. “As I walked through the halls of oxford and this house back then, I was struck by how no one in the paintings that graced their walls looked like me or really anyone of my fellow Rhodes Scholars from India, or most of the scholars from African countries or reallymany of my fellow scholars from the rest of the world,” she said in her acceptance speech.hyderabadi

Menaka kuda mana andari lagane chinnapudu lawyeravvali anukunnaru kani, madhyalo chala sarlu chala chala avvali anukunnaru. Oka sari emo pop singer, oka sari chess player, ila chaalaa chaalaa. But avanni temporary ga ne, aame passion mathram eppudu lawyer avvali ane. Ippudu New Delhi lo leading lawyer ga practise cheskuntu unnaru.hyderabadi

Congratulations!!!!! And more power to her.