Meet Tilak Varma, The Hyderabadi Who Bagged 1.7 Cr In IPL & Is Shining Like A Star

Indian Cricket Team Ki Or Indian Premier League Ki Select avvali ante domestic cricket lo prove chesukuntune adi possible. Proper training, hard work, discipline, form, consistency, fitness ivanni intent cricket lo oka player ki life untundi. Ivi anni undali first cricket academy lo training kavali…adi antha easy ga avvadhu. Daaniki chala karchu avtundi and training ki money afford cheyagalgina chala hard work kavali.

Ippudu unna competitive World lo only Govt, Private and MNC jobs eh kadu sports lo star avvali anna chala kastpadali merit ani prove chesukovali. School, College tournaments nundi Domestic cricket, national teams tho matches lo merit runs and best bowling numbers untene IPL selectors drustilo padtharu. Ika IPL Lo prove chesukunte oddu anna BCCI selectors Indian Cricket Team ki select chesestharu.

Aithe ila domestic cricket lo enno hurdles face chesi IPL and aa taruvatha Indian Cricket Team ki select aina stars endaro unnaru. Present jarugtunna IPL lo oka young player tana impressive batting knocks tho ippudu star cricketer aipoyadu.

Athanu monnati varaku oka ordinary electrician father son matrame…ippudu IPL lo gem batsmen antu cricketers ni impress chestunnadu. Inka raboye rojullo Indian Cricket team lo aduthadu ani antunna aa star cricketer evaro kadu Tilak Varma, the Mumbai Indians player from our very own Hyderabad.

Tilak Varma: The Hyderbadi who is son of an ordinary electrician to Indian Premier League

1. During the 2022 IPL Auction, Mumbai Indians surprised us not only by purchasing Ishan Kishan for 15.25 crores but also by purchasing Tilak Varma, a domestic cricketer for 1.7 crores.

2. But, a question might arise on who is Tilak Varma? And you may find the answer when he played for Mumbai Indians and scored 22 (15), 61 (33) & 38 (27) in the first 3 matches.

3. Although the star players from the team Mumbai Indians were going like a damp squib, Tilak Varma on the other end was top-notch with good scores. Let us dig a little deeper into who exactly is Tilak Varma?

4. Tilak Varma’s full name is Namboori Thakur Tilak Varma was born and brought up in Chandrayangutta of Hyderabad their father’s name is Namboori Nagaraju who is an electrician by profession.

5. Tilak’s interest in cricket started when he was 8 YO. He used to play with seniors in school and others. His batting style, stance, and pull shorts were noticed by cricket coach Salam Bayash.

6. Coach Salam approached Tilak’s father and asked to send him to cricket practice. In return, Tilak’s father said ‘I Can’t afford his cricket training expenses as I already have 4 kids to take care of.

7. Salam understood Tilak’s father’s situation and said ‘I’ll bear all his training expenses but please send and encourage Tilak to choose cricket as a career.

8. Tilak’s father made his decision and encouraged Tilak to play cricket which changed everything for him and his coach today who got selected to IPL for a 1.7 crore bidding amount.

9. Coach Salam’s vision and guidance made Tilak a good cricketer today, and Tilak is super happy for his coach who believed him in making him the cricketer that we are talking about today.

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