These Memes On Comparing PUBG Voice Commands To Tollywood Scenes Is Hilarious AF

Search For Vehicles…Get In The Car…Pubg adevallaki ila konni commands untayi. Game start chesamu ante chalu ivi vinakunda use cheyakunda undalemu, game adalemu. Voice commands leni PUBG ni imagine chesukovadam kastam.

Mari e voice commands ni mana tollywood movie templates tho compare chesthe…? Ee crazy thought ni apply chesthu ‘Bangsters’ ane mana telugu meme page vallu chesina memes konni ful viral avtunayifor all the right reasons.

Mari aa hilarious memes ento meeru chusi mee opinion cheppeyandi.


1. Pubg Command Memes2.

2. Pubg Command Memes3.

3. Pubg Command Memes4.

4. Pubg Command Memes5.

5. Pubg Command Memes6.

6. Pubg Command Memes7.

7. Pubg Command Memes8.

8. Pubg Command Memes9.

9. Pubg Command Memes10.

10. Pubg Command Memes

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