Memes On Sonu, The Recent Viral Zomato Guy Will Make You Say ‘Who Is Relangi Mavayya?’

Ee madhya internetlo ekkada chusina navvuthu oka zomato guy manaki kanipistunnadu, aa navvu chuste manamu kasepu anni baaralani vadilesi navvali anipistundi. So mana laughing and happy Zomato guy meeda saradaga memes try chesam chusi smile ivvandi…

1) When the question you read just before the exam comes in your exam paper

Zomato Guy2) When your crush blocked you, but your marriage got fixed with that exact girl who blocked you

Zomato Guy3) You watching your friend talking about his ex after 3 pegs

Zomato Guy4) No one: Relangi Mavoyya

Zomato Guy5) Mechancial engineering guys after watching girls passing through their corridor

Zomato Guy6) Umar Akmal after posting a status in English

Zomato Guy7) Boys after getting just pass marks in exams

Zomato Guy8) Bahubali before death in the hands of Katappa

Zomato Guy9) Modi Listening to trump speech

Zomato Guy10) Bachelors On Weekends

Zomato Guy11) Reaction of people who win money in Dream 11

Zomato Guy12) Audience watching old srinu vaitla & trivikram movies

Zomato Guy

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