Meri Galli Meri Shaan : These Youngsters Are Making Hyderabad A Cleaner Place To Live


Swachh Bharath is an initiative that has already spread across the country which brings the necessity to keep your surroundings clean for a healthy living. While the progress looks quite slow, we have different organisations across different cities who have taken up this initiative and are doing their bit in contributing towards the cleanliness of their respective cities.

Similarly in Hyderabad we have Meri Galli Meri Shaan, an initiative by young and enthusiastic Hyderabadis who have taken the onus on themselves to make humara ghallis thoda better.

Who are we



They are calling out artists across the city to help them out and make our gallis a better place to live. So all you creative artists, here is a chance to not only show your skills, but let them be contributed to the society in the best way possible.

They have already started to change a few gallis and you won’t believe how colourful they have become. Here check them out!



MERI GALLI MERI SHAAN is calling out all Hyderabadis to stand up for a cleaner, safer, healthier and a more aesthetic galli to live in.