Mohammed Shujatullah – A Man Who Serves Free Food To 700 People Everyday

Daily life lo travel chesetappudu roadside bus shelters, railway stations, platforms mida beggars and poor people chala mandi food kosam chala struggle avtha untaru. Alanti vallani chusi manam ayyo papam kada ani ankoni as usual mana work lo manam busy ipotha untam.

Mohammed Shujatullah

Ilanti situations chusina Hyderabadi Mohammed Shujatullah PharmD student from Sultan Ul Uloom College of Pharmacy matram ala anukoledu. Shujatullah one day, Secunderabad railway station daggara beggars food kosam tanani beg cheyadam chusi heartfelt aiyinna Shujatullah poor people akali teerchali ani decide aiyyadu.

Mohammed Shujatullah

Shujatullah valladi joint family, and childhood nundi family members other people ki help cheyyadam lanti humanity awareness create cheyadam tho Shujatullah ki social service oka profession la maripoindi.

Humanity First Foundation: Founded by Shujatullah which serves at least 700 people per day.

Mohammed Shujatullah

Daily poor people ki food serve cheyadam start chesina Shujatullah, 2016 lo Humanity First Foundation ane NGO start chesadu, aa foundation and volunteers help tho daily 700 people ki food serve chestha untadu. Starting lo financial burden unna tana family members help tho baga run chesanu ani ippudu foundation and facebook users donations tho full-fledged food serve chesthunnadu Shujatullah.

Free Breakfast to patients in hospitals.

Mohammed Shujatullah

Nilofer Children’s hospital and Koti maternity hospital lo daily nearly 700 to 1000 patients and other people in hospital vallaki morning free breakfast serve chestuntadu Shujatullah.

Supplying grocery items to Orphanages and Disabled Homes.

Mohammed Shujatullah

Humanity First Foundation lo unna volunteers city lo unna orphanages and home for disabled homes visit chesi variki kavalsina grocery items like rice, oil, salt, and garlic. And children’s unna orphanages lo avtey they gift toys and chocolates.

Medical Camps

Mohammed Shujatullah

City lo unna chala slum areas lo medical camps petti poor people ki free health checkups kuda chesthunnaru ee foundation dwara. Most of the people ki diabetes and hypertension diagnose chesamu ani cheptunnaru Shujatullah.

Society lo gender, caste, race or religion ani diferentiate lekunda maximum poor people ki help cheyadam and variki needful ga undadam ea tana and Humanity First Foundation lakshyam antadu ee Mohammed Shujatullah.

Busy life lo social service cheyalani manaki unna family, office, lanti things valla manam cheyyalemu. But if you are really want to feed or part of the smile on someone face please donate your donations to Humanity First Foundation.

You can donate to the below-mentioned account,

Account number: 2007000100463559
Account name: Humanity First Foundation
Bank: Punjab National Bank
Branch: Musheerabad
IFSC Code: PUNB0200700.

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