Moles On Different Parts Of Human Body & The Meaning Behind Them According To Astrology

Arey maccha neeku correct ara chethilo maccha undi nuvvu chala lucky ra. Osey neeku pedavi kindha mole puttu maccha undi chala lucky telusa nuvvu ila boys and girls lo moles gurinchi jarige common discussion idi. Mole undadam anedi just normal thing kondaru some theories prakaram moles some particular places lo unte…chala lucky ani mana Indians nammuthu untaru.

Mari mana vallu lucky ani namme mole places on body evo chusesi relate chesukovadam start cheyandi mari…

1. Mole on Above lip

Those who have a mole on above lips will maintain good health and good bank balance. And also villaki love life and marriage life kuda chala baguntadi anta.

Character traits: Warm and good in nature

1 Mole Places On Your Body2. On Forehead

Mee forehead meedha ekkadaina mole unte…meeru age avtunna koddi ekkuva earn chestaru. And at the same time villu foreign trips and local trips full tirgestaru anta.

Character traits: wise and intellectual

2 Mole Places On Your Body3. Mole On Right Palm

Right hand ara cheyyi meedha mole unna vallu life lo tough phases face chesina ka stage lo full success avtharu anta.

Character traits: Accountability & Disciplined

3 Mole Places On Your Body4. Mole On Right Shoulder

They are good in business and earn money on a big scale but savings lo matram chala achi tuchi untaranta.

Character Traits: Pisinari

4 Mole Places On Your Body5. Near Lips or Chin

Villu studies lo vallu anukunna field lo chala recognition vastundi and at the same villu chala diplomatic ha untaru.

Character traits: Diplomatic, logical thinkers.

5 Mole Places On Your Body6. Mole on Eyelid

Eyelid especially right side unna vallu chala rich and famous avtharu.

Character traits: Hardworker & Party animals

6 Mole Places On Your Body7. Mole on Ear

They are rich by birth or atleast become rich in no time. And also spent money like no one else in their circle.

Character Traits: Lavish & Good hearted

7 Mole Places On Your Body8. Mole on Chest

They may be poor or unsuccessful but if they work harder they will earn great respect and reach greater heights.

Character: Strugglers, Ambitious

8 Mole Places On Your Body9. Mole on eyebrows ?

Eyebrow meedha mole unna vallaki properties and money full untundi. If they work hard they will reach greater heights.

Character Traits: Lazy but ambitious

9 Mole Places On Your Body

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