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9 Moments In Life That Make Us Say ‘Sukhibava Sukhibava’


Ayyayyo vadhamma, pakkane tea kottu pettanu, andariki oka cup tea istunnanu, dabbulu tisukomu kani, SUKHIBAVA, SUKHIBAVA… So idandi FB lo latest ga trend avutunna meme template, Sukhibava Sukhibava antu FB lo antha hilarious memes vastunnai ee template tho, ide flow ni memu continue chesthu, we made our own memes using this latest meme template, take a look

1. When Mom Makes Upma

2. Your Non-alcoholic friend after drinking appy fizz

3. When your crush replies after 8 hours

4. Maths sir taking class in Games period

5. Whatsapp uncles after forwarding good morning messages & fake news

6. Reaction after tasting your sister’s cooked food

7. Every dad after seeing his son getting a job

8. Me after watching a ROD movie

9. Lovers just before break up be like

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