Two most common types of people we find at every office


Every office has different types of people. The moment you enter the office, you start categorizing your colleagues. While there could be many people, they can always be divided into two camps. Where do you fit in? Are you one coffee kinda person or do you need a refill often?

Here are the ways these two types of people behave at the office.

Punctuality office

There will always be those who just can’t help logging in late to the office.


This will not cause judgement on the work you do or don’t do. But, some just can’t help keeping things neat.

Food during the breaksoffice

Some get their whole day’s food to the office, while some use delivery and office cafeteria very effectively.

Stressing and De-stressingoffice

Some don’t drink a cup of coffee and nurse them till it turns cold. Some depend on the coffee like a life-sustaining elixir.


Some just mind their work playing music or sitting silent doing their work and some bring the whole world to their desks to show even a Facebook video.

We’re sure you know which of your colleagues do these things. If you did, tell him or her about this or mention them in the comments below.