Top 10 Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands in the World

Unexpectedly, defining “the” cost of a bottle of water can be challenging. Retail prices vary not only by nation (including duties and taxes) but also by the retailer, which reflects a retailer’s own profit margin choices. The variations are much more pronounced when one considers restaurants or motels that have larger markups to offset their higher costs. The priciest water brands in the world are listed below.

List of Most Expensive Bottled Water Brands in the World

1. Fillico Jewelry Water – $1390 per liter

Fillico is the ultimate over-the-top, design-focused water brand, going by the name “Jewelry Water.” It started in Beverly Hills, California in 2005 and was aimed at Hollywood celebrities, just like Bling H2O. After a year, they started selling in Japan, where they have lived ever since. Nevertheless, they are accessible everywhere, including online.

On their website, they talk about the high caliber of the water they get from Nunobiki Water, a renowned source near Kobe, Japan. Which, according to them, tea ceremony masters and chefs alike seek. The design, which includes Swarovski crystals, gold trims, glitter wings, and other extravagant features, is ultimately the primary driver of the pricing and is highlighted almost exclusively on the company’s social media.

2. Nevas – $1180 per litre

Initially solely available in Germany, Nevas Water has recently been available all over the world. Even as far away as our South African distributor, Origin Floe. By only selling sparkle, they are going after the “celebration” market as a substitute for champagne.

Their €1500 “Design” edition earned them the number 2 spot on our list. Contrary to “The Ten Thousand” by Bling, which we left off the list, Nevas’ extreme product is usually offered for orders with standard delivery times. The main offering from Nevas is a 750ml bottle, which costs €22.50 to purchase online. Nevas describes itself as the first premium cuvée water in its water qualities. a label applied to fine wine.

3. Bling H2O – $218 per liter

The best example of a company whose focus is nearly all on the bottle and barely any on the water itself is Bling. Created by a Hollywood producer who spotted an opportunity to provide celebrities with a novel piece of fashion by adorning a frosted bottle with Swarovski crystals. They take pride in their ostentation, saying “Pop culture in a bottle is Bling H2O. But it’s not for everyone, just those that Bling.”

The source was previously listed as a spring in Tennessee that has been processed nine various ways on the old website but is currently listed as a spring in California’s San Diego County. It is the only American water to appear on the list, in any case.

4. Svalbaroi Polar Ice Water – $185 per litre

To become the first fully comprehensive premium water brand, we developed Svalbari. Unlike competitors at this pricing tier who have mostly focused on selling garish packaging. Svalbari’s unique iceberg source from the northern fjords of Svalbard, light-as-air taste, stylish design, and eco-mission are what makes the brand so enjoyable to them.

The bottle’s tactile writing and sustainable wood cap entice you to take it up and explore it. Being the northernmost water in the world comes with a steep price. It is difficult to gather icebergs just before they melt into the seas surrounding Svalbard, which is located 78° north of the North Pole.

5. O Amazon – $110 per litre

The only premium brand that we are aware of that draws water from the air is Amazon Air Water. They also do this in the wilds of the Amazon, where the trees already naturally filter the humid air. There are mist waters that collect the water that forms when fog condenses on nets or other surfaces, but Amazon uses a different method.

They screen the ambient humidity before passing it through cool coils to condense the water, allowing them to collect it in tanks for bottling. Due to the technique, it has a very low TDS because it has never touched the ground. Like Svalbari, they place a lot of emphasis on the environment and strive to have no adverse effects.

6. Uisge Source – $94 per litre

On this list, Uisge Source stands out since it is water sold especially for savoring with whisky. Appropriately obtained from several of Scotland’s natural springs to go with the country’s world-famous whiskies. Being available only in a tiny 100ml water bottle, which inevitably results in a higher price per liter for a premium special-purpose product, it sort of cheats being on our list.

However, we’ll give them a break because they’re doing something unique that merits being included on a list like this. Three varieties are offered at the same price point to provide customers with a variety of whisky matching options. Islay (183 TDS) comes from a spring, while Highland (225 TDS) and Spey side (125 TDS) are derived from ancient wells.

7. ROI – $59 per liter

On this list and probably on the entire planet, ROI is without a doubt the water with the most severe flavor. They advertise their product as having the greatest magnesium content in the world, giving it an insane punch. Martin Riese, a water sommelier, once compared it to “two alka-seltzers” (side note: in that video, the testers try Svalbari after ROI).

On the Netflix series “Down to Earth,” celebrity Zac Efron declared it to be his favorite during a tasting with Martin. On the same program, wellness guru Darin Olien made a memorable comment regarding the magnesium content: “It tastes like there’s a coin in there.” They assert that extreme mineral composition has a variety of health advantages.

8. Minus 181- $50 liter

The source of MINUS 181 is an artesian well in northern Germany that is 181 meters deep. The website indicates availability in various local stores; however, the only place we could find it for sale was Fine Liquids in Germany. They come in a pretty peculiar-looking 681ml bottle made by Riedel, a 1756-founded business famous for its wine glasses.

This is consistent with the fact that they provide a unique gift box that contains custom glasses. The bottle is comparable to those made by Solé in Italy and Elsenham in the United Kingdom. Additionally, they are one of the select few glasses of water that utilizes the chic Vinolok glass “cork” enclosure.

9. Berg – $46 per liter

Berg Water is one of the two remaining active iceberg water firms that we are aware of, along with Svalbari. Similar to Svalbari, they manually collect individual iceberg pieces from the sea shortly before they melt and vanish forever. Since they gather from icebergs that have floated down from Greenland and are melting in the waters near eastern Canada, their gathering process isn’t quite as long-distance. In Newfoundland, a modest local industry has emerged that makes beer, vodka, and bottled water from iceberg water.

10. BLVD – $27 per liter

A division of the Australian luxury goods company Jon Monsir is called BLVD. They sought out a special source after realizing the potential for premium water and discovered it in a spring in Tasmania’s pristine antipodean setting. With a custom bottle made from premium ultra-flint glass and the brand name debossed in big letters, the packaging is targeted at a high-end market.

Only the sparkling variety is offered, and it is only sold online and at upscale hotels. The brand’s origin story may not be as compelling as that of the tenacious business people behind products like the nearby King Island Cloud Juice, which uses rainwater as its source, but Tasmania is unquestionably a terrific site to source pure mineral water.

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