Rakshabandhan special: The Most Influential Sisters

She is clothed in strength and dignity & she laughs without the fear of tomorrow. She is a sister. Over the decades, India has seen sisters who have stood like a rock not only for their brothers but also made a significant difference to the country in ways no one imagined. We bring to you seven Indian sisters who have given us Indians a lot to be proud of:

1. YAMI:

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Yami is the twin sister of Yamaraj, the God of Death. She was named after the river – Yamuna. As legends describe it, the tradition of celebrating Rakhsha Bandhan was started by Yami and Yamaraj. Old scriptures reveal Yamuna tied a rakhi to Yama. This made him immortal. He is moved by her affectionate gesture and declared that whoever gets a rakhi from his sister will be blessed and will live a happy and long life.

3. SABRINA LAL:sabrinaPhoto Credits: rendropsonscreen.blogspot.com
In 1999, on the night of 29th April, Jessica Lal was working at a bar in Mehrauli, Delhi. After midnight, Manu Sharma walked in with his friends and demanded to be served alcohol. Since it was past time, Jessica refused to serve him any. Out of rage, Manu Sharma shot two bullets, one hit the ceiling, and the other hit Jessica right in the head. Sharma was the son of a former minister and hence the trail took a lot of twists and turns. Throughout all this, Jessica’s sister Sabrina stood by the truth like a rock. Candle marches, sting operations, she did everything to get justice for her sister, making it one of the greatest fights for victory in India.

4. SAROJINI NAIDU:sarojiniPhoto Credits: www.poemhunter.com
The Nightingale of India was not only a great poet and writer but also a freedom fighter. She was the eldest of the eight siblings. She took part in the freedom movement with Gandhi, took part in the Salt Satyagraha and presided over the annual session of INC – Indian National Congress in Kanpur. We all look up to this multi-faceted lady who was a major part in our freedom struggle.



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This Bharat Ratna awardee has been entertaining the country for many decades now. She started her singing career at a tender age and inspired her younger sister Asha to follow her footsteps. She holds the ‘record for the ‘Most recorded artist in history’ in the Guinness Book of World Records. Together with Asha Bhosle, the two sisters ruled the Indian playback industry for decades, crooning one unforgettable song after another.


2422113383_8c63466460_zPhoto Credits: www.flickr.com

Subhadra was the sister of Krishna and Balarama. It is written in many versions that she is the incarnation of Goddess Durga. But some sections of the Hindus believe Subhadra is a Goddess named Yogmaya. It is believed that Subhadra tied the first Rakhi, to Krishna, which began the tradition of Rakshabandhan.


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Every kid in India has grown up hearing stories of how Ravana, avenged his sister’s nose being cut by Laxman. This was one of the first incidents that ignited the spark in the Ramayana war.  She is often blamed for the battle of Lanka, but she definitely changed the course of the epic with her actions.


tusshar-ektanewnewPhoto Credits: movies.ndtv.com

Behind every actor who is trying to re-launch himself multiple times is a family member who is a producer. The classic case of Tusshar Kapoor is no different. Ekta Kapoor is a doting sister who does not mind churning out flops just to keep his brother in business and continue being called an ‘actor’. Kudos to Ekta. But girl, please don’t torture us for the sibling love!

If you think we have missed out on your favorite, do leave a comment and let us know.

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